First post: Dust off your monitors!

First post: Dust off your monitors! 150 150 fredsonoro

This being the very first post in the SONORO timeline, we don’t have much to say except we want to produce plenty of content for our friends and collaborators. We hope this is a start of many posts to come. The subject of today’s post will be a simple one:

What’s that great track you use to really put the strain on your speakers, to keep the gears greased?

Science says some monitors require a good burn-in of pink noise @ 85 dB. It’s good for the monitors, but let’s be honest, it’s not so great for our ears. For the same purpose, and also for resetting our eardrums, we occasionally use this track by Ryoji Ikeda called “data.matrix”. It’s an erratic thumping madness of barcodes, rhythmic clicks and other digital harshness. Bliss to our monitors and our ears.