SONORO.STUDIO is a small creative team dedicated to the craft of designing sound

Founded in 2020, we want to build lasting relationships with filmmakers, artists and digital media creators through collaboration.

We value our client’s time and our own in high esteem, which is why we adhered to being a ‘remote’ kind of studio. This means that our collaborators can be anywhere they like and deliver quality results on time, as we believe this ‘hassle free’ work method enhances the creative process.

This group was founded from an urge to work independently but with a creative spirit, as we strive for bigger, better and more touching ways to make our sounds resonate with people across the world.

Organized | Focused | In Sync

We’re dedicated to our craft and focus on projects that require our full attention.

We’re aware that tight deadlines are a reality in the nature of this medium and these situations can be accomodated when communications are clear and based on mutual respect.

Sound Designer
Fred Pêgo
Video Expert
Gonçalo Pena
Foley Artist

Myrto Chatziandreou

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First post: Dust off your monitors! 150 150 fredsonoro

First post: Dust off your monitors!

What’s that great track you use to really put the strain on your speakers, to keep the gears greased?