Making Sound Matter


Sounds We Make

Ultimately sound is only waves flowing in the air, but it can mean so much more when created the right way.

Services We Provide

Sound to picture, sound branding, tech development, customized music.

Who We Are

Who we are now and where we aim to be as we strive for more ways to make our sound resonate in the world.

Stories We Tell

Our blog serves as a diary of our struggles, Eureka moments and discoveries in the process of our craft.

Looking for sound creatives?

We’re looking for a challenge!

We’re a versatile team, capable of working creatively with people anywhere in the world, as we’re a remote based studio.


Striving to make sound that resonates emotionally and performs within the means of storytelling and aesthetic.

We tune our creative efforts towards the project’s ideas and aesthetic while pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in sound creativity.

Software We’ve Mastered

Years of experience dealing with media import/export, bugs, OS incompatibilities coupled with our stubbernness makes our machines work properly and deliver.

Pro Tools Ultimate 2020

For sound editing, there’s no match, and no way around Pro Tools, we use it on all our sound to picture projects.

Adobe Creative Cloud

For everything that’s related to video, ingesting, DCPs, AAF/OMF exporting, we put our trust in Premiere Pro.

Ableton Live 10

In the realm of music composition and interactive media, our favourite DAW is definitely Ableton Live, for ease of use and fast implementation of assets.

Izotope RX 7 Advanced

In the delicate art of audio restoration, dialogue matching and denoising, we exclusively rely on Izotope. It’s algorithms are beyond belief and a great help to a good ear.

Max 8 (Cycling 74′)

Using visual programming language Max MSP, we like to prototype tools and instruments that are useful to our work. We occasionally release them through our blog.